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Product summaries

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Ubisafe OpenID platform

Ubisafe has streamlined the process of integrating OpenID support with existing service provider platforms.

Ubisafe UnifID authentication for OpenID

This product allows users of a service to employ various authentication mechanisms (e.g. SIM-card authentication and SMS OTP authentication) for any service provider supporting OpenID.

Ubisafe Strong SIM Authentication

This is a product for enabling the use of SIM for authentication of users towards Web-based services like Internet banking services, shops with user accounts, government services etc. Download product sheet here.

Ubisafe SIM VPN

This product is a solution for using SIM for authentication towards Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The solution can be integrated with existing VPNs, or it can be purchased as a complete VPN solution. Download product sheet here.

Ubisafe Access Management

This product simplifies administration and management of AAAs, with particular focus on the requirements posed by the use of SIM in the authentication process. Download product sheet here.

Ubisafe SIM WiFi Hotspot

This product is a complete WiFi solution with SIM authentication as an integrated feature. Download product sheet here.

Ubisafe SIM WiFi Access

This product enables enterprise users to easily and securely log on to the enterprise WiFi network using either their cellular phone with an integrated SIM, a SIM dongle or PCMCIA card with a SIM inserted.This allows enterprises to employ secure authentication while keeping costs down in administration and maintenance. Download product sheet here.

Ubisafe AAA-MAP-GW Interface

This product enables the integration of different AAA products with different MAP gateways. Download product sheet here.

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