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MOBICOME Project - Update

Ubisafe has now become a full partner of the international EUREKA (http://www.eureka.be) project Mobicome (http://www.mobicome.org). The project is partially funded by the Norwegian Research Council. See home page and below for more details.

MOBICOME project

Ubisafe is now, as a sub-contractor of Linus AS, participating to an international EUREKA research project called Mobicome (http://www.mobicome.org). The main goal of the project is to provide unified user subscription management and service continuity for an IP Multimedia System (IMS) deployed on a fixed mobile convergent multi access environment. Ubisafe provides expertise on the authentication solutions in this project. 


Ubisafe @ ICIN 2007 conference

Ubisafe AS was present at the ICIN conference in Bordeaux 9.-11. October and Ivar Jørstad presented the paper "Bridging CardSpace and Liberty Alliance with SIM Authentication", which was previously developed in a joint project with Telenor R&I, Oslo University College, Gemalto, Linus AS, Lucent, Ulticom and Sun.


Ubisafe in regional finale for DnB NORs Innovation Prize 2007

Ubisafe has been nominated for the regional finale (Østfold, Hedmark and Oppland) of DnB NORs innovation prize 2007. The finale is to be held at 23rd of August 2007, and the winner will receive 100.000 NOK and be nominated for the national finale.


Ubisafe has signed a letter-of-intent with Transpario, a Norwegian information technology company specializing in rationalizing corporate flows through public and private institutions within the OECD region. Ubisafe will provide Transpario with technical expertise and solutions to support their security requirements.

3GSM 2007

Ubisafe AS was present at 3GSM 2007 in Barcelona, and together with Telenor R&I, Linus AS (Norwegian SME), Oslo University College, Gemalto (former Gemplus and Axalto), Ulticom, Lucent and Sun we demonstrated a unified, strong authentication solution for Web-based services, using the GSM SIM module together with the mobile phone as an authentication token. The solution focuses on how Windows CardSpace (a feature which comes preinstalled with Windows Vista) and products based on the Liberty Alliance specifications can co-exist to make strong authentication and identity management simpler and more efficient both for end-users, service providers and identity providers.

Read the white paper here.

Pictures from Barcelona:

Carolina Canales-Valenzuela (co-chair of the Liberty Alliance Technology Expert Group and Senior Systems Manager at Ericsson) is presented the demo by Ivar Jørstad (Ubisafe).

Do van Thuan (Linus) and Tore Jønvik (Oslo University College) at the 3GSM booth in Barcelona.

Do van Thuan (Linus) and Ivar Jørstad (Ubisafe) at the 3GSM booth in Barcelona.

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