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About Ubisafe AS

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Ubisafe AS specialises in technological enablers for making user logon processes to a wide range of different services easier and more secure.

Download a general PDF product sheet here.

The logon processes are simplified because the user can use his/her cellular phone combined with the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) to verify their identity towards service providers (options with USB SIM dongles and PCMCIA SIM readers are also available).

By reusing the authentication mechanisms of GSM/UMTS, the logon process becomes more secure, as this is a two-factor authentication mechanism, i.e., based on something you have (the SIM) and something you know (the PIN).

Ubisafe AS provides products which allow telecommunication operators to provide SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) authentication as a value-added service to enterprises (e.g. WiFi access, VPN, Intranet etc.) or other service providers (WiFi hotspots, Web-based services etc.). The operators benefit from already having much of the required infrastructure and administrative tools in place, and thereby establishes a new source of revenue without too large investments.
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